Twitter Users Tell Susan Sarandon to STFU After She Thanks Black Voters for Electing Doug Jones

Twitter Users Tell Susan Sarandon to STFU After She Thanks Black Voters for Electing Doug Jones

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During last year’s U.S. presidential election, American actress Susan Sarandon announced that she would be voting for Green party candidate Jill Stein instead of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton because she was tired of voting for “the lesser of two evils” and was certain Clinton would win anyway. She was wrong about the latter, of course, and Twitter users let her know it when she thanked black voters for helping defeat Alabama U.S. Senate candidate and accused child molester Roy Moore.

As we pointed out yesterday, 93% of black men and 98% of black women voted against Moore, helping sweep Democratic candidate Doug Jones into victory. It’s no surprise they opposed Moore given his belief that America was better off under slavery.

So, in gratitude, Susan Sarandon tweeted, “Thank you African Americans in Alabama who organized and fought their way to the polls despite so much voter suppression. Thank you Selma once again. Respect.”

The backlash started almost immediately.

Sarandon is 71 years old and a long time political activist best known for her film roles as Janet Weiss in the 1975 camp sci-fi musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Louise Sawyer in the 1991 friendship drama Thelma and Louise and Bette Davis in Ryan Murphy’s 2017 series Feud. She also appeared in the 1995 gay film history documentary The Celluloid Closet and opposed the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq by then-Republican U.S. President George W. Bush.

A recent interview with The Guardian concluded, “Liberals in the U.S., it seems, can summon more hatred for Sarandon right now than they can for Paul Ryan. Most infuriating of all, to her critics, is that she won’t admit her error.”

In the interview, Susan Sarandon said, “It’s very flattering to think that I, on my own, cost the election. That my little voice was the deciding factor.”

And regarding Clinton, she says, “I did think she was very, very dangerous. We would still be fracking, we would be at war [if she was president]. It wouldn’t be much smoother. Look what happened under Obama that we didn’t notice.”

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