Principal Threatens To Suspend Lesbian Couple For Holding Hands, Outs Students

Principal Threatens To Suspend Lesbian Couple For Holding Hands, Outs Students

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The Pompano Beach School District is the sixth largest in the United States, and Blanche Ely High School Principal Karlton Johnson is tripping on the power.

A bi-racial, lesbian couple in excellent standing at the school (one is even an honor student) has been threatened with suspension by Johnson for holding hands on campus. While the district’s policies do prohibit displays of affection between all students, the young ladies in question claim that Johnson turns a blind eye to the hand-holding and kissing that goes on daily between straight students.

But it gets worse. Johnson went on to out the girls to their parents. Ohnohedidn’t!

South Florida Times reports:

The two were holding hands while walking to class on May 3 at Blanche Ely High School in Pompano Beach. School Principal Karlton Johnson confronted and took them to his office.

“We were walking to class when he rolled up on his golf cart and said, ‘Didn’t I tell you two to stop doing do that?’ and then he took us to his office,” one of the girls told South Florida TImes. “He gave us a speech and then separated us before calling our parents, which was wrong. My mother already knew but my friend’s mom didn’t know she is into girls.”

One of the teens says Johnson had warned them about holding hands on previous occasions but they continued anyway because straight couples were allowed to do so without incident. The students reacted to Johnson’s action by complaining to school officials.

“There has been a situation in my upcoming [sic] school, Blanche Ely High, dealing with discrimination against the gay/lesbian community,” one of the students wrote in an e-mail complaining to school officials. “Our principal here has tried to suspend me and my friend for holding hands. And I would like to know if such actions are necessary for something so fragile.”

Johnson did not respond to a phone call and an e-mail seeking comment.

While rules are made to be followed, this particular instance is troubling because Johnson is accused of selectively choosing who to apply them too. And straight up, what planet is this high school principal living on? How could he possibly have missed the torrent of gay suicides by bullied and persecuted gay teens reported in depth over the past year. You don’t out teenagers without knowing what their home life is like. EVER.

If Johnson fails to see the potentially devastating effect his discriminatory kneejerk reaction could have caused for these young women at home, then he is clearly not fit to tend to ALL of the students in his care.

What do you think about Johnson outing the girls? Sound off below.

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