Swole Leftists and Hijab Self-Defense: How the Resistance Is Getting Fit to Fight Fascism

Swole Leftists and Hijab Self-Defense: How the Resistance Is Getting Fit to Fight Fascism

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After the election, many people on the left fell into despair. But some are getting in shape to fight fascism.

The Swole Left

When we realized that Trump was going to be president and 2017 was going to be even worse than 2016, our priorities changed.

It’s normal to kick off the new year by hitting the gym. But this time, a lot of us weren’t just trying to fit into our old jeans. Instead, we had more serious concerns:

It sounds a little extreme, but Trump’s election has brought with it a spike in hate crimes and bigoted bullying. Unfortunately, our social institutions haven’t done much to combat it. The press writes flattering profiles about sexy neo-Nazis. The police are crawling with white nationalists.

In response, people are getting ready to protect themselves.

Poncho Martinez refers to himself as the leader of the #SwoleLeft, a group of leftists working to build muscle and bulk up so they can intimidate fascists. He currently trains 30 left-leaning men in powerlifting in the hopes that they will use their muscle to stop hate crime.

Hijab Self-Defense

Muslim women usually take the brunt of Islamophobic attacks. One common tactic of Islamophobes is to try to yank the woman’s hijab off of her head.

Critics of the hijab say that the garment is oppressive. But whatever your opinion about it is, we must all agree that a strange man running up to a woman and tearing an article of clothing off of her body is horrible.

In response, Muslim women are taking self-defense classes focused on how to respond to a hijab grabber. A trainer named Zaineb Abdulla posts self-defense moves on Facebook and teaches seminars to help Muslim women learn to protect themselves.

German/Palestinian filmmaker, feminist and karate champion Lexi Alexander has also gotten in on the action. She makes hijab self-defense videos for Muslim women too.

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