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The Upcoming TV Series ‘Now Apocalypse’ Puts Queer Millennials Front and Center

We got our first glimpse at the upcoming Gregg Araki TV show Now Apocalypse, and it could be one of the most queer projects to come to the small screen.

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Hollywood Forced Colton Haynes To Come Out Three Separate Times. The Hell?

Actor Colton Haynes (of Teen Wolf and Arrow) came out in 2006. Then Hollywood and the internet scared him back into the closet… twice.

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Hey, TV Industry: We’re So Fucking Sick of Straight White Dudes

When will creators realize that not only does representation matter, but insisting on getting rid of women and people of color results in boring, awful TV?

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“Teen Wolf”/”Arrow” Star Colton Haynes Comes Out

American actor Colton Haynes publicly came out via Tumblr just now, although his gayness has been an open secret since 2006.

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