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PHOTOS: Black-Footed Ferrets Are Loveable Weasels

The Black-Footed Ferret are adorable, frisky, friendly, & another adorable endangered species looking to be saved. See these pics, fall in love & help out!

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PHOTOS: Black Spider Monkeys Are Blushing With Cuteness

Black Spider Monkeys natural red faces could make anyone blush. They are endangered but hopefully after you get one look at them they won’t be much longer.

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PHOTOS: Snow Leopards Are Big, Fluffy, Endangered Kitties

It’s time to set your phasers to ‘squee!’ We’ve got a whole bunch of adorable pictures of snow leopards for you, and info on how you can help them out!

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Adorably Tiny Marsupial Brings New Meaning To “Le Petite Morte”

Two new species of pouched mice have been discovered in Tasmania. Their adorable face belies a sex life that’d get them on Jerry Springer… if they LIVED.

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