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As part of our continuing #DecriminalizeLGBT campaign, we’re highlighting organizations and individuals that are working to protect and defend the rights of LGBT people around the world. Being LGBT is currently criminalized in over 70 countries around the globe. In at least 8 countries it is punishable by death. As long as homosexuality is criminalized LGBT people will continue to face violence, harassment, and discrimination. LGBT people cannot fully participate in their communities or enjoy access to public services when we are seen as criminals. Action must be taken and governments must be held accountable. Through grassroots organizing, social media engagement, and leadership from non-profits, governments, and corporations we can abolish these unjust laws.
The Legality of Love: This Valentine’s Day, Remember That LGBTQ People Are Illegal in a Third of the World

LGBTQ criminalization remains a reality for too many people, as 68 countries — over a third of the world — continue to criminalize consensual relations.

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Buggery, Sodomy and Cross-Dressing, Oh My: A Timeline of Gay Criminalization in America

The history of gay criminalization in the United States — mostly in the form of anti-sodomy laws — is a complex one, but let’s break it all down

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Editors' Picks
Kenya High Court Rules That Decriminalizing Same-Sex Relations Contradicts Constitutional Values

Today, the Kenya high court upheld colonial-era laws that criminalize gay sex and prescribe a jail sentence of up to 14 years for those found guilty

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Editors' Picks
Trump Administration Says It Wants to Lead Global Effort to Decriminalize LGBT People

While a concrete strategy isn’t yet laid out, the administration reportedly has plans to launch a global campaign

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