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Researchers Have Uncovered a Way to Have Better Sex, and It’s Sticky Icky

Two new studies on weed and sex suggest that weed smokers have enjoyable sex more often than people who don’t smoke weed. But how much do you need to smoke?

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5 Things That Cause Homosexuality (According to Weirdos and Religious Nutjobs)

Science is still trying to figure out what causes homosexuality, but these 5 weirdos and religious nutjobs blame everything from fast food to Disney films

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I Tried This Cannabis-Infused Lube and All I Got Was Sorta Stoned

A cannabis-infused lube sounds like a great way to combine pot and playtime, but it turns out that women may enjoy weed lube more than men, and here’s why

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We Asked This Doctor About the Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Anal Sex

We sat down with Dr. Goldstein of Bespoke Surgical, an expert on gay men’s health issues, and asked about the combination of CBD and gay sex

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Editors' Picks
Munchies and a Movie: The 10 Best Films to Watch While You’re Stoned

Celebrate cannabis culture with these 10 quality films, great for whatever type of high you’re feeling

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Editors' Picks
The Daily Sting, Wednesday: Mueller Is Ready to Talk, Several Gays Attacked in Paris

The report is ready, according to the team investigating Donald Trump for collusion, and there’s been a string of attacks in the City of Lights

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Exclusive: LaGanja Estranja Explains the Fashion and Weed in His ‘Look at Me’ Music Video

The ‘Drag Race’ veteran spoke with us about the LaGanja Estranja video for his new song ‘Look at Me,’ featuring high fashion and a political message

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Mormons Want to Use ‘Masterpiece Cakeshop’ to Block Legal Weed in Utah

The Mormon church marijuana stance has come under scrutiny in Utah where voters will decide on the Utah Medical Cannabis Act this November

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#ThisWeekInThirst: Alaska’s Porn Debut, A Bear Orgy and a Sweaty Justin Theroux Workout Sesh

From a photoshoot highlighting the more ‘filthy’ aspects of queer sexuality to ‘Drag Race’ Season 10 queens offering up sex advice.

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Tupac Once Showed Up at ‘SNL’ With Girlfriend Madonna (and a Pound of Weed) in Tow

Hey, do you remember the time Snoop Dogg called appeared on ‘SNL,’ but he needed Tupac and Madonna to bring him a pound of marijuana?

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