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Mental Health
New Study: Semen Exchange During Sex Can Make You Less Depressed

After comparing the sex lives of about 300 students, researchers discovered that semen may have anti-depressant effects on people who have condomless sex

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It’s Been a Decade Since This Book of Semen-Based Recipes Was Published

The next time you’re craving something salty, instead of reaching for that can of Pringles maybe you should opt for one of these recipes

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CDC: Zika Virus Can Totally Spread Through Gay Buttsecks

Be aware: you can totally give your gay or bisexual partner Zika virus by having anal sex. In fact, you can give it to them

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Should You Introduce Semen Into Your Diet?

Who doesn’t love a homemade shake? But for all the claims about protein and calcium, is it a good idea to eat semen regularly? Unicorn Booty investigates…

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