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Homosexuals are Not Cowards: How Openly Gay Artist Willem Arondeus Fought the Nazis

He was a courageous, openly gay Dutch painter who fiercely resisted the Nazis in Holland before he was executed

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Germany Is Compensating Men Who Were Investigated Under Its Anti-Gay ‘Paragraph 175’

Extending its reparations, Germany is now compensating men who were investigated under the law, whether or not they were jailed

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London’s Russian Embassy Was Wrapped in Rainbow to Protest Chechnya’s Gay Purge

Yesterday a protest made its way to London’s Russian embassy, which was wrapped in a giant rainbow flag

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Mark Zuckerberg Just Defended Holocaust Deniers While Saying He Won’t Ban Infowars From Facebook (Updated)

Head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg defends Holocaust deniers while saying it’s important his platform not ban conspiracy-theory sites like Infowars

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After Last Year’s Major Fail, Trump Mentions Jews and Gays in Holocaust Remembrance Day Statement

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day — and unlike last year, the White House’s statement actually mentions Jews and LGBTQ people

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Trump’s First Month Explained in Gay Porn GIFs, Because We’re All F*cked (NSFW)

Check out 14 GIFs of the moments that really define Donald Trump’s first month in office, in which he’s done a great job of fucking over the American people

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This Twitter Account Lists Holocaust Victims the U.S. Rejected as Refugees

In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, a Twitter account is listing the passengers of the St. Louis, a ship of refugees the U.S. turned away in 1939.

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Umm, No: Team Kim Davis Compares Anti-Gay Clerk to Holocaust Victim

Kim Davis’ supporters have compared the homophobic county clerk to a Jew religiously persecuted by Nazis during the Holocaust — here’s why that’s bunk.

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Hateful Hatemonger Bryan Fischer Says Top Nazis Were Gay. Umm… No

Bryan Fischer, American Family Radio host, says the top-ranking Nazis were gay. His source? Scott Lively, currently on trial for crimes against humanity.

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Last ‘Pink Triangle’ Gay Holocaust Survivor, Rudolf Brazda, Passes Away

98-year-old Rudolf Brazda died peacefully in his sleep on Wednesday. Brazda was considered to be the very last known gay survivor of the Holocaust. Gay holocaust survivors were known as Pink Triangles due to the identifying patch (akin to the gold star of David marking Jews) they were forced to[…]

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