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What Would You Do If A Waitress Refused to Serve Gay Parents?

With one in five gay couples raising children in the United States, the concept of the “traditional” family has changed dramatically. And with “Glee” and “Modern Family” ushering unconventional family structures into the homes of Americans all over, the idea of the traditional family continues to shift. Tellingly, a sociologist […]

Toddler Gets Juiced Up After Applebee’s Serves Him a Margarita

Someone at an Applebee’s in Detroit somehow mixed up a margarita and apple juice, and served a 15-month year old toddler an alcoholic tequila cocktail – in his sippy cup! Taylor Dill-Reese, the boy’s mother, said that her son was acting strange after he started drinking what she thought was […]

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Do You Need To Actually Like Kids To Raise Them?

Current TV’s Bryan Safi is on a quest to find someone to adopt some kiddies with him. The results are hilarious. Check out Bryan’s investiGAYtion into the preparedness of gay parents, and the necessity to you know, actually like kids. Safi points out that gay parenting is So. Hot. Right. […]