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Party Crashers Beat Teen To Death At Gay Party

***Update. New York Daily News reports: A fifth suspect charged in the fatal beating of a teen in Queens bragged about the attack in anti-gay Facebook postings, law enforcement sources said. Calvin Pietri, 17, of Woodhaven, was arrested Tuesday night and charged with manslaughter in the weekend beatdown of Anthony […]

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Trans Woman Shot & Dragged By A Car To Death

25-year-old Marcal Camero Tye was found dead in Forrest City, Arkansas on Tuesday. While the autopsy results have yet to be released, it appears somewhat obviously that Tye was shot and then dragged down the street by a car until she died. It is currently unknown if the murder was […]

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19 YR Old “Turns Straight”, Murders Gay Roommate

19 year old North Carolina man Michael Anderson is using the old “cough medicine made me go crazy” defense as an excuse for brutally murdering his roommate Stephen Starr, and then hacking his body into pieces with an axe. Anderson, whose Facebook page updates beforehand show he planned the killing, […]