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Does Hand and Foot Size Actually Tell You How Long Someone’s Penis Is?

The urban legend about how you can tell someone’s penis length by their hand size may actually have some truth behind it

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In the Late 1980s, Nintendo Revealed That Super Mario Has an Uncircumcised Penis

Are you ready for some Super Mario penis? Well you better be, because one video game fan just dug up proof of Nintendo-approved genitals from an old manga

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Want to Enjoy Sex More? Then Focus on Erections Less

Do you put too much emphasis into your erections and how hard you can pound your partner rather than pleasure? If so, your penis has something to tell you

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In 1978, the Anatomically Correct ‘Gay Bob’ Doll Delighted Gays and Freaked Out Homophobes

Back in 1978, people could buy a gay Bob doll from certain gay magazines and boutiques; it was anatomically correct and a symbol of rising gay identity

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