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Scissor Sisters Frontman Jake Shears Dated a 33-Year-Old Man at Age 16, Then Things Got Worse

Scissor Sisters’ frontman Jake Shears recently admitted to dating a guy 20 years older than him when he was in high school, and his life then was hell

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What’s the Best Way for Gay Students to Cope with School Stress?

A new study examined three ways that gay students commonly cope with school stress, but one method proved the most effective — find out which one

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Blue Ribbon Boys: It Gets Better Mexico’s Sam Del Río Is Committed to LGBTQ Youth

“I see fear, disinformation, discrimination and rejection, and I’m a #BlueRibbonBoy because I want men to be informed on how to take care of their sexual health”

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Can Online Videos Really Help Life ‘Get Better’ For Trans Youth?

Dan Savage’s ‘It Gets Better’ project has helped a lot of queer teens, but what about trans youth who often have a more difficult road ahead?

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PICS: Rainbow Doritos Haters Trolled On Facebook

The guy who trolled Target’s haters is back — this time, he’s defending Doritos and their It Gets Better fundraiser with rainbow-colored Doritos.

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VIDEO: Gay Couple’s Smooch On Dodgers’ Kiss Cam Gets Wild Applause!

It’s great that the spectators were so accepting, especially considering that the major leagues themselves have no publicly out gay or bisexual players.

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Paula Deen Says It Gets BUTTER

And now, a very special message from Food Network star, and straight up Queen of the Memes, Paula Deen. So true! Also:

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Severus Snape: It Gets Better

Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor and Potion Master Severus Snape has transcended the Harry Potter universe to deliver a very special message. It gets better. “I know what you’re thinking; ‘Snape, everyone hates you. They think you’re a death-eater.’ And though that may be true I cannot stress to[…]

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Only 13 Senators In Their ‘It Gets Better’ Video?

Props to the 13 senators that participated in the Senate’s It Gets Better video! Bummer that more did not participate, however: there are 51 democrats in the Senate.

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Were Old Navy’s Pride T-Shirts Just a Marketing Hoax?

They aren’t in stores, but it’s sure not because they’ve sold out. We were pleased as a peach last week to share word with you that Old Navy was debuting a line of Gay Pride t-shirts this past weekend, with proceeds benefiting the It Gets Better Project. Marking the first time[…]

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