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Help Spread the Gay Agenda With These 5 LGBTQ Children’s Books

These books, based on real-life people and historical events, offer colorful drawings and easy words for learning and enjoyment

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Crazy Heteros Are At It Again: ‘Tis the Season for Eyeroll-Inducing Straight Pride Products

Oh, straight people.

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Editors' Picks
This Suspended Chicago Priest Is Hiding from ‘Rabid’ Gays After Publicly Burning a Pride Flag

Catholic priest Paul Kalchik was suspended after his Pride flag burning at Resurrection Parish in Chicago, and now he’s hiding from ‘rabid homosexualists’

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Restaurant Gets One-Star Yelp Review for Hanging Rainbow Flag Outside: ‘I’ve Had it with This Place’

“It’s clearly geared and catered ONLY to those who rally behind the rainbow flag.”

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Vienna Denied a Gay Iranian Refugee Asylum Because He Couldn’t Explain the Pride Flag In-Depth

Vienna recently denied a gay Iranian asylum because he couldn’t explain the meaning behind the LGBTQ flag colors. But can you?

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Rainbow Flags Were Removed From Polish Streetcars After Conductors Refused to Drive Them

The flags were removed after just one day by city officials, who cited “negative comments” from passengers and drivers.

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Republicans Want to Ban Pride Flags Around the World

Good thing there isn’t much going on in the world, so Republicans can focus on something like trying to ban pride flags from U.S. embassies

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The ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ Flag Appears to Be a Hoax to Connect LGBTQs with Pedophilia

Many people on Twitter are up in arms about the new ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ Pride flag — but is anyone actually using it?

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6 Activists Form a Rainbow Flag in Front of Russian Authorities at the World Cup (Updated)

The Hidden Flag campaign brought six activists from six different countries to the World Cup in protest of Russia and Chechnya’s persecution of LGBT people

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The Philadelphia Museum of Art Is Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Rainbow Flag

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the first unfurling of Gilbert Baker’s rainbow flag, the Philadelphia Museum of Art put one of his flags on display

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