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The Daily Sting, Wednesday: PrEP Maker Faces Lawsuit, Ruggers Fight Gay Teammate’s Deportation

Gilead sued, accused of withholding a safer HIV treatment drug from the public, and is New Zealand Pride in danger after its police ban?

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News of the World: Manchester Police Take LGBT Domestic Violence Seriously and a PrEP Update

In our latest look at world news, we tip our hats to the Manchester police for being the first in the UK to take LGBTQ domestic violence cases seriously

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This Dying Man Was ‘Too Gay’ to Save Lives By Donating His Heart Valves

Corey Eteveneaux was killed in a car crash; his mother and partner wanted to donate his heart but couldn’t due to a ban on gay tissue donation

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No, New Zealand Taxpayers Are Not Funding a Fisting Party at Auckland Pride

An Auckland taxpayer’s association was upset to think that their taxes were funding Kiwifist, a New Zealand fisting party, but it was a misunderstanding

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