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Don’t Be Ridiculous: No, HIV-Positive People Aren’t Injecting Their Blood Into Bananas

A nationalist MP in Malta has received backlash on social media after he posted an image warning people of AIDS-infected bananas

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Editors' Picks
The Daily Sting, Monday: Trans Child Registry Proposed in UK, India Could Be Getting PrEP’d

An article calling for a trans registry to “further study the community” was published in the UK, and a new Ariana track has many people talking

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Look at All the Good Gay Things That Happened in 2016

2016 was such a marathon of bad news it became a running gag, but while we’re glad to see the year go, some great gay things happened, too!

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Around the World: Malta Bans Conversion Therapy, Greece Disallows LGBT Discrimination, China Now More Tolerant Than Ever

The tiny European country of Malta has just one-upped the United States by banning ex-gay conversion “therapy” — and becoming the first country in Europe to do so! Good job!

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Mental Health
Ukraine Slowly Makes Progress on Trans Rights

In Ukraine, trans people have to be sterilized before applying to change their gender legally — but that may be beginning to change!

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How to Develop Yourself by Traveling to Out-of-the-Box Destinations

Travel is often so personal, but when you go off the beaten path, you can really change who you are and how you see the world. These videos show just that.

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French Group Sues Twitter, Facebook, & YouTube Over Harassment

A French group is suing Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for not doing more to end online harassment. This and more in our world news round-up!

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13 Huge, Recent Developments In World LGBT Politics

Malta and Brazil speak out against so-called “ex-gay therapy”, world courts rule in favor of LGBT rights and more in our world news round-up!

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