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The NRA Just Told a NY Court It May Have to Shut Down Due to a Lack of Revenue. Sounds Good to Us

In a recent court filing, the National Rifle Association says the NRA may ‘be unable to exist’ if insurers and banks don’t resume business with it. Boo-hoo

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Watch This Detroit Trans Woman Successfully Fight Off Her Would-Be Murderer

A Detroit transgender woman successfully fought for her life when a bigot made a lewd comment to her and then pulled out a gun after learning she was trans

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Someone Called a SWAT Team to the Home of Parkland Survivor David Hogg

Today brings news of the David Hogg swatting, thanks to a troll who claimed a hostage situation was happening at the Hogg family home

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Paramount Networks Won’t Show the New ‘Heathers’ Reboot Because School Shootings Keep Happening

Is the Heathers reboot cancelled? It certainly seems that way … at least until another network decides to purchase the edgy dark teenage comedy

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