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Science Knows How Much We Should Masturbate to Avoid Prostate Cancer

Scientists from Harvard University recently studied 31,925 men and estimated an ideal number of times to masturbate each month to avoid prostate cancer

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Editors' Picks
5 Things Every Gay and Bisexual Man Should Know About Prostate Cancer

Two gay medical professionals who are also prostate cancer survivors share the essential things every gay and bi guy should know about the disease

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One of Twitter’s Most Followed Bi Celebs Reveals What Happens When You’re Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

Stephen Fry was just diagnosed with prostate cancer — and though he’s fine, it’s a good reminder about the importance of regular cancer screenings

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PICS: Eurovision Winner Måns Zelmerlöw Gets Naked For Charity… Again

The Swedish singer bares all in the latest issue of GT to raise awareness for the charity Prostate Cancer UK.

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$1 Plastic Chip Can Diagnose HIV in 15 Minutes

What’s new in affordable HIV prevention and testing, you ask? The “mChip”, a credit-card-sized piece of plastic that is produced using a plastic injection molding process, tests for multiple diseases with just one pinprick of blood. There are no moving parts, and the microfluidics-based chip can be analyzed with help[…]

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South Korean Study Finds Finger Length Related To Penis Size

Break out your celebratory Pejazzle! A study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology links penis length to the ratio between a man’s index and ring finger lengths. Ooh la la! “According to our data … the shorter index (second) finger than ring (fourth) finger you have, the longer stretched[…]

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