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Conservatives and Liberals Disagree About Everything, Including Sex Fantasies

Justin Lehmiller singlehandedly surveyed more than 4,000 Americans about their sexual fantasies and found they differ on party lines

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10 Musicians Who Have Told Conservative U.S. Politicians to Stop Using Their Music

Several pop and rock musicians have in the past issued cease-and-desist letters to conservative politicians

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Rosie O’Donnell Goes There With Sen. Lindsey Graham: You’re a ‘Closeted Idiot’

A Rosie O’Donnell Lindsey Graham tweet basically called the homophobic Republican senator a closet case, and it’s not the first time he’s been called such

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With Calls to Boycott In-N-Out Over GOP Donations, Where Can Liberals Find a Burger?

While many liberals want to boycott In-N-Out, is it possible to find a comparably delicious burger that reflects our own political values?

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