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Toxic and Fragile Masculinity Is Literally Making the Earth Toxic and Fragile

We apparently need to make saving the environment masculine since men are apparently rejecting going green as ‘girly’ and we are so over their nonsense

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The Final Episode of ‘Dinosaurs’ Is Still the Saddest, Most Poignant Finale in TV History

ABC’s ‘Dinosaurs’ went out with a bang in 1994, as the entire cast perished in an environmental disaster brought on by a money-hungry corporation

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The Latest Social Media Craze, the #TrashTag Challenge, Is Actually Commendable

The latest social media fad to come across our feeds and timelines isn’t eyeroll-worthy at all; it’s actually pretty damn amazing.

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Outdoor Gear Company Patagonia Claims Trump ‘Stole Your Land’ on Its Website

Today, President Trump introduced his plans to reduce the size of two national monuments by as much as 85%, but Patagonia isn’t having it

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Madonna Calls Trump’s Sons ‘Pussies’, Endorses Clinton

GOP candidate Donald Trump’s sons enjoy big game hunting — as long as the hunts are canned. Madonna isn’t amused.

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Photos of Earth – Because it’s Damn Pretty

We’ve got just the one planet, but it’s a special one. Photos of beautiful destinations from around the world: Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa & the Americas.

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In Several Decades, Los Angeles Will Be Habitable for the First Time in a Century

Los Angeles is on its way to becoming habitable, but you shouldn’t hold your breath — or maybe you should, if you value your life.

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Wow! Costa Rica Eliminates 99% of Fossil Fuel Use

The small Central American nation uses earth, wind, fire and water to produce 99% of its electricity energy. Can larger countries follow suit?

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Two Surfers Devise Ingenious Way To Clean The Oceans

Two Australian surfers have devised an amazing harbor cleaning device so simple that it’s incredible that no one had already thought of it.

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Polluted Rivers and Disease-Ridden Mosquitos: How Did Brazil Get So Bad?

Historic drought, disease-carrying mosquitoes, and a mining disaster whose effects literally can’t be washed away. How did things in Brazil get so bad?

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