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Editors' Picks
Ordering an HIV Self-Test Kit? Hornet and the LGBT Token Can Help With That

The LGBT Token has put an HIV self-test on the blockchain, available online and accessible directly through the Hornet app.

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LGBT Token Is Live, Rolling Into a Beta Launch During World Pride on Hornet

In a quest to always bring the latest tech advancements, Hornet is the first release partner for the LGBT Token and has integrated the LGBT Wallet. 

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7 Sex Toys That Will Help You Stay Connected With Your Long-Distance Lover

It can be difficult to keep the love (and lust!) alive in a long-distance relationship, but these are the best sex toys for couples who have to be apart

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Editors' Picks
Hornet Is Set to Launch a New Way to Reward Its Community Members

With the help of the LGBT Foundation, Hornet will launch a new token economy, providing even more value to users’ contributions

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