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5 Costume Ideas You Should Most Definitely Avoid This Halloween

There is a fine line between good and bad Halloween costume ideas, so don’t be the guy at the party everyone points and whispers about

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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: ‘No Gays Allowed’ Billboard Goes Up in NYC, Poland Eyes Anti-Gay Law

Stories about a conversation-starting ad campaign, former First Lady Michelle Obama and some potentially scary news for LGBTQ people out of Poland

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The Daily Sting, Tuesday: LGBTQ Migrants in Caravan Claim Discrimination, Malaysia De-Gays ‘BoRhap’

Among today’s headlines are LGBTQ migrants claiming they’ve left the Central America caravan headed to the U.S. due to discrimination

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WTF?! 61 Wisconsin Teenagers Give the Nazi Salute In Their Prom Photo

In a prom photo that went viral over the weekend, 61 high schoolers in Wisconsin gave the Nazi salute before their junior prom

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