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This Magical Instagram Account Is Dedicated to the DILFs of Disney World

It’s the most magical place on Earth for kids, but now we’re dying to get there ourselves

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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: Doctors Say RBG Will Be OK, Will Love Win in Hong Kong?

This week we bring you stories about the Notorious RBG, Netflix, Hong Kong love and America’s favorite “scream queen,” Jamie Lee Curtis

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Editors' Picks
Before Voting This Week, Know These 10 Openly LGBTQ U.S. Politicians

This year’s midterm elections are going to be hugely important; before you vote, make sure you know about these 10 queer candidates

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Editors' Picks
The Daily Sting, Monday: Trans Erasure by Trump, Cate Blanchett Defends ‘Gayface’

In today’s headlines, the Trump administration stands accused of trans erasure, and actor Cate Blanchett defends straight actors playing gay

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