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Were You Aware All These LGBTQ+ Pride Flags Existed?

Gynephilia? Skoliosexual? Lithromantic? Here’s 20 or more Pride flags you’ve never seen at your local parade or bar (and who they represent).

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In the Name of Science, This Professor Wants Guys to Send Her Photos of Their Penises

Professor Alicia Walker at Missouri State University is conducting a penis pic study, studying the correlation between penis size and self-esteem

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Timed With Pride Month, New York City Wants to Recognize a Third Gender on Birth Certificates

Today, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his city’s intention to introduce a policy recognizing a third gender (“X”) on the birth certificates of non-binary and intersex people. While the New York City third gender policy is set to go before the City Council later this week, it[…]

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Germany Is Soon to Recognize a Third Gender

Thanks to a new court ruling, Germany will become the first European country to offer an option for a third gender on government documents

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