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Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Us About the ‘RuPaw’s Drag Race’ Instagram Account?

If you like kitty cats and drag queens, then you’ll purr for RuPaw’s Drag Race, featuring a cat wearing handmade couture of the show’s fiercest looks

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We Love These 7 Gay Celebrities Almost as Much as We Love Their Adorable Pets

We’ve put together this list of our 7 favorite gay celebrity pets, since there’s nothing sexier than someone who loves animals

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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: Kavanaugh’s Roommates Spill Tea While Gay Penguins Become Parents

Read all about the gay penguin parents, the Supreme Court nominee’s drunkenness and more in our weekly before-brunch news roundup

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Week In Review: Cher Drops Gayest Album Ever, These Gay Penguins Just Want a Family

In this week’s top stories, we take a look at a very hunky vet plus Cher’s great new album and surprisingly shaped buildings

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This Hunky Vet’s New Viral Video Has Us Rolling Over and Begging

This new video from Dr. Evan Antin could be the best video we’ve ever seen. Like, ever.

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Gay Penguins Start Drama in a Denmark Zoo by Stealing Another Couple’s Chick

Two gay penguins at a Denmark zoo started some drama by stealing a straight couple’s chick, but the story has a happy ending

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This French Photographer Styled His Dog After Iconic Madonna Images to Fundraise for Her Charity

French photographer Vincent Flouret has created some hilariously iconic Madonna dog shots in his new project entitled, Maxdonna. And it benefits charity

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Style & Stuff
Treat Your Pet: 10 Innovative Products for Your Cuddly Little Friends

We love our pets unconditionally, and any one of these pet essentials will show our fuzzy buddies how much they mean to us

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Editors' Picks
The Sasha Velour Effect: Are ‘Reveals’ Ruining the Art of the Lip Sync Performance?

On the Season 10 grand finale of RuPaul’s Dra Race, the contestants’ numerous lip-sync reveals caused the performances to collapse under their own showiness

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Editors' Picks
Here Are 5 Ways to Get Over the Loss of a Pet

It can be absolutely heartbreaking, but there are ways to help yourself get over the loss of a pet

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