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10 Songs That Shouldn’t Be Played at a Gay Wedding (Seriously, Just Don’t)

What’s that? You’re planning your big day? While you still have the opportunity, we have some music suggestions.

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‘Well, We Finally Did It’: Queen Elizabeth’s Gay Cousin Just Married His Boyfriend

His ex-wife even walked him down the aisle.

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Two Drag Queens Tie the Knot in Las Vegas on ‘Say Yes to the Dress’

“He’s going to look killer in whatever he wears.”

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Kelly Clarkson Shuts Down Twitter User Who Called Lesbian Couple’s Marriage a ‘Sin’

“God is love — and love shared between two people should be praised, not condemned.”

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Is There Something in the Water? Gay Celebrity Relationships Are Ending Left and Right

Some of our favorite gay celebrity relationships have called it quits recently, making us wonder if there is such a thing as a true love

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10 Gag-Worthy Items for the Ultimate Gay Bachelor Party

If your BFF is getting married, here’s what you need to host a memorable, fun and (most importantly) inexpensive gay bachelor party at home

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These Soldiers Just Became the First Same-Sex Couple to Marry at West Point Military Academy

A same-sex military couple just made history by holding the first ever gay West Point wedding after the military’s anti-gay policies first kept them apart

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After a 9-Year Battle, Greece Dissolves Its First and Only Same-Sex Marriages

The Supreme Court of Greece just ruled two Greek same-sex marriages ‘invalid,’ effectively dissolving the country’s two only same-sex married couples

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10 Pics That Make Boxing Matches Look Like Gay Weddings

Many boxing match photos feature two men staring deeply into one another’s eyes, making them often seem like snapshots from a gay wedding — for real

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This Polo Player’s Boyfriend Proposed With Some ‘Cheeky’ Help From His Teammates

One day after the postal survey results supporting marriage equality were announced there, an Australian man proposed to his partner at a water polo game

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