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It Turns Out Homosexuality Is Quite Literally an ‘Ancient Chinese Secret,’ Dating Back to 600 BC

Throughout history, homosexuality in China has been accepted, and Emperor Ai of Han even tried to get his lover Dong Xian to inherit the throne

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Forget the ‘Gay Gene,’ Because Science Has Another Explanation for Homosexuality

For years, scientists have wondered about the existence of a ‘gay gene’ — but one evolutionary science researcher has a new and startling explanation

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Starting Today, the Island Nation of Brunei Will Put Gay People to Death

Starting today, Brunei laws punishing gay sex (among other offenses) with death have been enacted

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Five Years Ago, We Protested the Sultan of Brunei’s International Hotels. It’s Time to Do It Again.

The sultan demands death for Brunei’s LGBTQ citizens while he makes money off international travelers

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