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Prepare Your Junk for What Could Be the World’s Best Underwear Line for Men

Tom Ford revealed today that he’ll be spearheading a brand-new line of men’s underwear, meaning you can finally have the sexy designer close to your crotch

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5 LGBTQ Facts About This Year’s Oscar Nominations

The Oscar nominations were released today; here are five LGBTQ facts about this year’s nominees: — The snooze-worthy La La Land—a largely white, generic romance about jazz that puts its black characters mostly in the background—got 14 nominations, as many as All About Eve, a catty 1950 dramedy beloved by gay audiences.[…]

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Tom Ford to Armie Hammer: ‘Lose 15 Pounds to Be in My Movie’

The designer-turned-director proves Hollywood’s specific brand of superficial bullshit isn’t restricted to women

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Tom Ford to GQ Magazine: ‘All Men Should Be Penetrated’

The ‘Nocturnal Animals’ director doubles down on something he previously told the mag—that all guys need to experience life on the bottom

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#ManCrushMonday: ‘Nocturnal Animals’ Star Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Photos)

This British actor is back in the spotlight following a stellar performance in Tom Ford’s latest film

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