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This Ridiculous Study Is Still Trying to Prove Conversion Therapy Actually Works

Anti-gay groups are crowing over a new study proving conversion therapy really works, but there are many rather apparent problems with the study

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Former Superman Dean Cain Doesn’t Get Why Speaking at an Anti-Gay Event Is a Problem

A Dean Cain GLAAD Twitter exchange shows that the former Superman actor thinks it’s okay to discuss his new film at the anti-LGBTQ hate group’s conference

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Watch This Republican Congressional Candidate Fondly Remember When Being Gay Was Illegal

Mark Harris is the Congressional nominee for North Carolina’s 9th District — and he reminisces about a time when it was illegal to be gay

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The Trump Administration Is Actively Assisting Anti-LGBTQ Hate Groups in Their Hunt for Aid Money

The Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom is a state-sponsored event where the Trump administration promised to help anti-LGBT groups get federal funding

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