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Justin Trudeau Marches in Vancouver Pride and Makes Us Wish We Were Canadian (Video)

Queer Americans everywhere were jealous today as they watched Justin Trudeau at Vancouver Pride, wishing their leader cared about them

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Vancouver Pride Will Not Be Allowing Uniformed Police to March in Next Year’s Parade

Next year at Vancouver Pride, police will not be allowed to march in uniforms, carrying their weapons — and they’re not the only city to ban cops at Pride

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‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Smacks Down Homophobic Critics of His Visit to Vancouver Pride

Stephen Amell, the Canadian actor who plays the Green Arrow on TV, smacked down homophobes who criticized his attending Vancouver pride

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Just Revealed: Lady Gaga’s Set List for Her Joanne Tour

Here’s Lady Gaga’s set list from her “Joanne Tour” that opened last night in Vancouver, Canada. From the looks of it, this could be Gaga’s biggest bang yet

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Hornet City Guides
The Hornet Guide to Gay Vancouver

Vancouver has the charm of a metropolitan city and equally the natural beauty of a town. This picturesque west coast seaport in British Columbia is also among Canada’s densest and most ethnically diverse cities

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Will We See A Spike In Anti-Discrimination Lawsuits?

Even though the US doesn’t have an anti-LGBTQ Discrimination law at the Federal level, law firms are still expecting to see a spike in lawsuits.

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They Deceived Toronto Pride to Hand Out Hate Literature, Now They’re Being Sued

William Whatcott has a history of lying to Pride parades so he can march and hand out anti-gay literature. Two men want to put an end to his antics once and for all.

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AWWWW! Furry Conference-Goers Comfort Syrian Child Refugees

Find out what happens when you put a bunch of furries and Syrian refugees in the same hotel and things start getting real…ly cute.

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What the F#@% Are You Doing In a Gay Bar If You’re Not Gay?

While we absolutely believe that allies of the gay community should be welcome and valued, sometimes a gay bar should just be a gay bar.

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