Burning Man

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The Man Burns In 38 Days!

52,000 of the most beautiful people in the universe will descend upon the Black Rock Desert in less than a month to build Black Rock City, home of the Burning Man festival, from scratch. What is it exactly? It’s hard to say. It’s a fully functioning city built from nothing […]

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Who Run The World? (Burning Man) Girls

Beyonce goes full-on playa-chic in her latest video for Girls (Who Run The World). B holds court in Center Camp while mutant artcars burn in the background. We’re not quite sure what to make of the riot police in the video, and everyone knows dogs (and hyenas for that matter) […]

Gay Blog Unicorn Booty does Burning Man right

We Answer Your Burning Questions About Burning Man

This is an ongoing reprint of the articles Nick has written as North America’s first Gay Travel Guru! I’m being crushed under 7 flailing, smiling and laughing people, MIA’s “Paper Planes” is booming on two solar-powered speakers, marinara sauce wafts through the air, and it’s wonderful. These are the moments […]

Incredible Ice Festival Opens In China!

The Harbin Ice Festival has opened in China, and hot damn are we jealous! The 26th festival of it’s kind is expected to bring in 50,000 visitors. Basically, it’s a wintertime Burning Man. Towering Buddhas, pagodas, and fairytale castles were built by world-class ice architects for your viewing pleasure. We’ve […]

Build This DIY LED Cube!

Incredible DIY site, and contender for best website in the universe (besides our own gay blog), Instructables is in the middle of their second annual Epilog Challenge. The conditions? Basically to build the coolest shit you can dream up instruct others how to build. Our favorite contender so far is […]