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25 Essential Drag Queen Films Every ‘Drag Race’ Fan Needs to See

If you’re a ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ stan and need additional education or just sensory stimulation, then this list of films is for you

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The Only ‘Emperor’ of the United States Has a San Francisco Drag Legacy

Drag always attracts colorful individuals, so it’s fitting that we take a look back at these overlooked figures in drag history.

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Hornet Is Hosting #GreatGayStayIn, the Livestream Festival for a Community in Quarantine

In these days of living through a global pandemic, leave it to members of the LGBTQ community — comedians, actors, bloggers, drag queens, fitness pros and health experts alike — to make the most of a sticky situation. Gay content creators haven’t changed so much what they’re doing, just how[…]

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Drag Queens Weren’t the Butt of the Joke in This 2007 ‘King of the Hill’ Episode

Most drag queens would be happy to make an audience laugh. But if you look back at movies and TV from years past, there’s a tendency to make drag queens themselves the punchline. Just the fact that a man is in a dress is joke enough. And if someone mistakes[…]

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