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Millennials Are Freaking Out Because Teens Today Use Google Docs as a Covert Chat App

These days teens are more tech-savvy than ever, and they’re using Google Docs of all things to covertly chat with friends

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The Crazies Are Mobilized: Downloads of Infowars App Are Stronger Than Ever

After being banned from iTunes, Facebook and YouTube, the Infowars app has become one of the most popular apps on iOS and Google. And it gets worse….

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Jenny McCarthy Thought Her House Was Haunted, But It Turns Out She’s Just Not That Bright

Jenny McCarthy’s house is haunted — not by g-g-g-ghosts, but her Google Home device — but would we expect anything more from the anti-vaccine activist?

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Sneak a Peek at the Gender-Neutral Emoji Coming to Android Phones

Gender-neutral emoji are coming to Android phones; though Apple introduced them last year, more inclusion is always a good thing

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Pulse Survivors Have Sued Google, Facebook and Twitter for ‘Aiding and Abetting’ the Attack

16 survivors of the Orlando shooting have filed a Pulse lawsuit alleging the shooting wouldn’t have happened without Google, Facebook and Twitter’s help

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Why Is DirecTV Giving the Church of Scientology Its Own Network?!

Today, The Scientology Network debuts on DirecTV, as well as streaming devices Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire and Google Chromecast, but why?

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Indonesia Wants All Gay Apps Banned in the Country, and It Appears Google Will Play Along

After a request to block LGBTQ apps in Indonesia, Google has partially complied, raising questions about complicity in the country’s anti-LGBTQ crackdown

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Style & Stuff
This Week’s Must-Haves: Google Pixel Buds, Delicious Treats and Rufskin Gear

From the amazing, translating Google Pixel Buds, to a delicious dessert and sexy Rufskin gear, here are this week’s must-haves

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For a Long Time a Huge Penis Was Hiding on the Front Page of Bing.com (NSFW)

An eagle-eyed web user spotted a penis hiding on the Bing.com front page, but it was easy to miss and quickly removed after it was discovered

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Google, GoDaddy and Airbnb Have All Started Booting Neo-Nazi Users

Google, GoDaddy and Airbnb have all started denying services to racists in response to this weekend’s white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia

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