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10 Unusual Fetishes and Their Psychology, From Sploshing to Male Pregnancy

No matter how vanilla your sex life, everyone has a kinky turn-on or two, but these unusual fetishes take things to another level

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Are Watersports Dangerous? Here’s What the Medical Professionals Say

There are no health benefits to drinking urine, no matter how much you might enjoy it during sex play

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The Man Who Died From Silicone Scrotum Injections Had a 2,000-Word ‘Pup Contract’ With His Master

People are taking a closer look at the pup contract he had with his master, which some see as innocent fetish play and others consider abusive

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The Daily Sting, Tuesday: Gay Teen Wins ‘Big Brother UK,’ New ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Announced

A gay 19-year-old has been named the winner of the final season of Big Brother UK, and People’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ for 2018 has been named

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New Netflix Show ‘Magic for Humans’ Stages a Trick With a Gay Pup Play Couple

A recently released Magic for Humans pup play scene shows the reality TV show’s host making magic for a gay couple and their kinkster pals

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Make Sex Fun Again: 7 Ways to ‘Bring Back the Spark’ With Your Partner

I get asked this question all the time in my clinical office, on my podcast and even at dinner parties and events: “How do I bring back the spark?”

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40 Thirst-Trap Snapshots From CC Attle’s Fetish Night Event in Seattle

If you’ve ever been curious about checking out your local Fetish Night, perhaps our gallery of 40 pictures from a Seattle event will convince you to go

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These 20 Pics From Black Party 2018 Offer a Look Inside NYC’s Legendary Fetish Event

Drawing 5,000 attendees annually, Black Party took over gay NYC for its 39th installment

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#ThisWeekInThirst: Steamy Gay HBO Sex, Gigantic Rapper Peen and a Dick in Trump’s Mouth

From photoshoots fighting against body shaming to a porn star fucking Trump’s face to a lot of exposed penises, here’s to another thirsty week.

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This Video Is a Veritable Encyclopedia of Outlandish Fetishes, and These 10 Are Our Favorites (NSFW)

Along with its new issue’s release, Phile magazine has posted a video that has us gagging at how well-done it is

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