Photo of a Naked, Gay, Russian Couple Wins World Press Photo

World Press Photo is the most prestigious photojournalism contest of the year. Pulitzer Prizes honor the precise timing needed to capture newsworthy images like crashing planes and falling babies; they don’t take artful composition into account. However, World Press Photo awards the hat trick of photography: the perfect combination of contemporary relevance, masterful composition, and dramatic lighting. Take the […]

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$1 Plastic Chip Can Diagnose HIV in 15 Minutes

What’s new in affordable HIV prevention and testing, you ask? The “mChip”, a credit-card-sized piece of plastic that is produced using a plastic injection molding process, tests for multiple diseases with just one pinprick of blood. There are no moving parts, and the microfluidics-based chip can be analyzed with help […]

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Uganda’s Kill The Gays Bill is Back With a Vengeance

When it comes to dastardly named pieces of anti-gay legislation, Tennessee’s Don’t Say Gay Bill and Minnesota’s No Homo Promo may be tops in the U.S., but across the Atlantic Ocean Uganda’s Kill The Gays Bill frighteningly reigns supreme. With the high profile murder of LGBT activist David Kato following the Ugandan […]

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Ghana Orders the Arrest of All Homosexuals

Ghana is giving Uganda a run for their money in the Worst Place to be Gay contest. While the “rounding up” of all homosexuals in the country’s western parts isn’t quite Kill the Gays Bill level sensational, it’s hard to ignore the Holocaust parallels here. Ghana’s Western Region Minister, Paul […]