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History of the Action Figure, Part 2: Sometimes Less Really Does Mean More

‘Star Wars’ action figures break all expectations, the industry standard gets smaller and one line moves from action figure to cartoon

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We’re Remembering That Time on ‘Cheers’ When Diane Pushed Back Against Gay Panic

Diane Chambers takes on heterosexual hysteria in a stellar sitcom episode that has Sam Malone realizing that gay customers are welcome in his bar

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How Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Gay, Controversial Music Videos Shaped the ’80s

Frankie Goes to Hollywood was sadly short-lived, but they remain hugely influential in music — and much of that is thanks to their innovative music videos

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Get Ready for He-Man’s Latest Incarnation, Coming to Netflix (Photos)

The defender of Greyskull is back, this time in a new Netflix He-Man TV series, and he’s better than ever. Masters of the Universe: Revelation is a new animated series set after the events of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and it will be released in two parts[…]

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