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Why Does Hillary Apologize While Trump Refuses To?

Hillary Clinton became the first presidential candidate to apologize for losing, while Donald Trump carries on while his supporters commit hate crimes in his name.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Explains Why He Finally Came Out

Apple CEO Tim Cook waited three years before publicly coming out as gay. So what finally compelled him to do it? He explains…

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Archbishop Dolan: If Gays Marry, Can I Marry My Mom?

Archbishop Timothy Dolan’s sitdown with 60 Minutes is must see t.v. for those who love to watch men of the cloth come up with bullshit excuses for why gays are icky. Dolan forgoes the traditional “People will marry their pets” route in favor of the even creepier, “Fine, but if[…]

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What Do Gaga, Madonna And Streisand Have In Common?

While we really enjoyed Lady Gaga’s interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes just prior to the Grammy Awards last night, it’s what didn’t make the air that has us all googoo for Gaga. The footage that didn’t make it to the tele thankfully didn’t wind up on the cutting[…]

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