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Meet the Gay Man Who Remained Celibate for an Entire Year Just So He Could Donate Blood

A 22-year-old named Jordan Moll-Vigrass abstained from sex for an entire year just so he could donate blood and raise awareness about the gay donation ban

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The FDA Just Approved a Drug to Cure All 6 Strains of Hepatitis C

The FDA recently approved a Hepatitis C treatment that provides a quicker and cheaper treatment for patients at various stages of the disease

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Coffee Recalled by FDA for Having Erection-Inducing Ingredient

The FDA recalled a popular Malaysian coffee that had a natural ingredient similar to what’s found in Viagra that helps men with erectile dysfunction.

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The FDA Has Approved a Generic Version of the PrEP Drug Truvada

Americans rejoice — the FDA has given the green light to a generic Truvada from Teva Pharmaceuticals, which should make the drug cheaper and more available

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