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Lawyers for Former GOP Rep. Aaron Schock Want Feds to Stop Asking If He’s Gay

Lawyers for former Republican Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock are asking for charges against him to be dismissed due to misconduct from federal investigators

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Anti-Gay GOP Rep. Aaron Schock Arraigned on 24 Corruption Charges

Of all the crimes Aaron Schock has allegedly committed, his fashion crimes remain among the worst. Let’s check out his other charges.

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From ‘The Donald’ to ‘Cauke for President,’ Here Are Our Top 5 Political Porn Parodies

PornHub’s just released a new VR porn film starring you as Donald Trump — which got us to thinking, what are the best political porn parodies?

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Porn Satire Skewers Republican Politicians And Closeted Homophobes

Mike Cauke will stand up for you in Titan’s new porn satire: Cauke’s a closeted Republican with a leaked sex tape, and a resemblance to disgraced himbo Aaron Schock.

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