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The New Editor of UK Mag ‘Gay Times’ Is Under Fire for a Litany of Offensive Tweets

Josh Rivers, the newly appointed editor of Gay Times, Britain’s oldest gay publication, apparently tweeted a bunch of racist, cruel things in his past

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An Anti-Gay, Pro-Statutory Rape Troll Got Fired After Insulting Katie Price’s Disabled Son

An internet troll who posted anti-gay, pro-statutory rape comments lost his job after TV personality Katie Price hunted him down for insulting her son.

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Meryl Streep Slams Trump in Globes Acceptance Speech, Trump Responds (Video)

During last night’s lifetime achievement Golden Globes acceptance speech, Meryl Streep lashed out at Donald Trump for mocking a disabled reporter

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The 7 Deadly Gay Sins (and How to Repent For Each)

Forget greed, lust and gluttony — here’s our updated list of the 7 deadly gay sins for the modern age, why they’re toxic and how to stop indulging in each

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