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Former Superman Dean Cain Doesn’t Get Why Speaking at an Anti-Gay Event Is a Problem

A Dean Cain GLAAD Twitter exchange shows that the former Superman actor thinks it’s okay to discuss his new film at the anti-LGBTQ hate group’s conference

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Robyn’s Second Album Wasn’t Released in America Because of These 2 ‘Controversial’ Tracks

Robyn’s second album, ‘My Truth,’ was never released in the United States, despite her first album being a hit, because of two songs about her abortion

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This Gay Texan Wants the World to Know He’s an Out-and-Proud Republican

In a recent column, Jason Vaughn explains why he’s a proud member of the Republican party. The reason is rather depressing

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Gay Coffee Shop Owner Kicks Out Anti-Gay Abortion Protestors

When anti-gay abortion protestors came to a gay-owned coffee shop in Seattle, the owner kicked them out, but the protestors are pretending they’re martyrs

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