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Ozon’s Latest, ‘By the Grace of God,’ Eyes a Catholic Church Sex Scandal Through Three Men

Ozon’s ‘By the Grace of God’ narrates a fight to bring to justice an accused Catholic priest through the lens of three characters.

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New Book About Gay Priests Also Makes Controversial Link Between Sex Abuse and Homosexuality

The book suggests a link between sex abuse in the Catholic Church and the secrecy required from gay priests

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Just a Reminder: Most Pedophiles and Child Molesters Are Actually Heterosexual (and Cisgender)

It has long been said that most pedophiles are gay or otherwise LGBTQ, but when you look at the research, you’ll quickly find that’s just not true

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In Bizarre New 19-Minute Track, R. Kelly Seems to Shrug Off Sex Abuse Allegations

The new R. Kelly song, ‘I Admit,’ is a 19-minute rambling mess proclaiming his innocence and asking for sympathy, though it’s not particularly convincing

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