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This Trans Woman Was Denied Hormone Therapy Medication by a CVS Pharmacist (Updated)

The ACLU is fighting on behalf of a trans woman who was denied hormone therapy medication by a CVS pharmacist who tried to out her in front of customers

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This Oregon Case Will Strike Fear Into the Hearts of Homophobic Principals Everywhere

North Bend High School Principal Bill Lucero lost his job due to the rampant homophobic abuse at his school from students and faculty alike

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Once Again the ACLU Has to Tell This Tennessee City It Can’t Ban Drag Shows

The city of Portland, Tennessee is attempting for a second time to enact a drag ban — and for the second time, the ACLU has told them it’s unconstitutional

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The ACLU Is Defending an Article Linking Taylor Swift to the Alt-Right and KKK

Taylor Swift and the ACLU are squaring off after an article was published linking Swift to the KKK and alt-right movement

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If This Tennessee Town Bans Drag Shows, the ACLU Will Sue Them

The city of Portland, Tennessee is considering a drag show ban, and if they pass it, the ACLU will drag them into court for violating free-speech.

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The ACLU Is Going to Court in Defense of Milo Yiannopoulos’ New Book

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit on behalf of gay, alt-right author Milo Yiannopoulos and three other organizations for ads rejected by D.C.’s metro authority

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Is the ACLU Putting Together a Gay Army? These Christians Think So

A Christian conservative law organization that fights against same-sex marriage sent a message warning the world about the ACLU’s leftist gay army

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Oscars 2017: Here Are the Night’s 11 Best Dressed Actors and Actresses

Once again The Oscars celebrated the best in the year’s film with Hollywood celebrities decked to the nines, and here are the evening’s best dressed

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The ‘I Pee with LGBT’ Campaign Fights the Texas Bathroom Bill (Video)

The ACLU of Texas and Legacy Community Heath have launched a campaign called “I Pee with LGBT” to fight the state’s transphobic bathroom bill

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Sia Promises to Donate Up to $100K to the ACLU

Pop music goddess Sia has promised to match her fans’ donations to the ACLU for up to $100,000 in order to fight for queer and immigrant rights.

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