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Rock Hudson, 35 Years Later: Has Hollywood Made Any Progress Dealing With HIV?

In 1985, Hollywood heartthrob Rock Hudson appeared on national television, visibly ill, but does Hollywood care about HIV anymore?

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HIV at 38: Our Longtime Companion

June 5 is Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day, meant to shine a light on the physical and mental health issues long-term survivors of HIV encounter.

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In This AIDS-Free Alternate Universe, Poppers Save the World

Leo Herrera’s Fathers Project asks, “What if AIDS never happened?” and presents a vibrant queer community that has flourished in the epidemic’s absence

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Lea DeLaria Sounds Off on the Problems Inherent in the LGBTQ Community’s ‘Alphabet Soup’

‘Orange is the New Black’ actor Lea DeLaria speaks about the problem with the LGBTQ acronym as opposed to a term that really brings us together

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