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Pop Stars as Final Fantasy VI Characters

With the recent re-release of the classic video game Final Fantasy VI to the Apple App Store, we take a look at who in the pop world would be each character.

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Will This Summer Hurt Like a Motherfucker?: The New Maroon 5 Single

According to Adam Levine, this summer will hurt like a motherfucker. But why will it hurt so bad? And more importantly, do we particularly care?

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Cee Lo Green Calls Female Music Critic Gay; Tweets ‘F–k U!’

“I see you calling me out on my bizarre onstage behavior – and I’m like, Fuck Youuuu…on Twitter.” OK, so those aren’t exactly the lyrics to Cee Lo’s monster hit, Fuck You. You win. Unfortunately, they sum up The Voice‘s latest anti-gay Twitter scandal (Shoutout to Blake Shelton!) quite nicely.[…]

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Lesbians Rock ‘The Voice’ Alongside Christina Aguilera

If you were one of the many TV viewers who were annoyed by NBC’s incessant promotional campaign for their Idol competitor, the Voice, then let’s hope that you were able to watch the show (if not, watch it online!), because it was actually pretty damn awesome. The premise is slightly[…]

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Adam Levine Gets Nekkid For Cosmo

The Maroon 5 frontman is stripping down in Australian Cosmopolitan (and on practically every gay blog in the world) this month to raise awareness for prostate cancer screenings. The shoot is very Janet Jackson, don’t you think? Not that we are complaining at all. Enjoy! What do you think of Adam’s[…]

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