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Drinking Beer Can Be Healthy: A Dietician, a Counselor and Two Brewers Tell Us Why

Here are what a registered dietitian, a licensed counselor and two brewers at ‘the first gay brewery in the world’ say about the benefits of beer

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This Out ‘Survivor’ Winner Says Dr. Phil Gave Him Pills and Booze Before Appearing for Addiction Help

On the Todd Herzog ‘Dr. Phil’ episode, the former ‘Survivor’ winner came for help with his addiction troubles — and was given vodka and xanax before taping

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This Group Is Challenging People Not to Masturbate During ‘No Nut November’

NoFap is a group dedicated to helping people quit masturbation and they’re encouraging people to try by not masturbating during the month of November

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Hornet Exclusive: Chemsex Among French Gay Men Is Prevalent Despite Negative Effects on Their Sex Lives

A new survey on chemsex among French gay men found that it harms their sex lives, something that contradicts the most common reason for starting

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Gay Men Suffering from Addiction Offered Groundbreaking New Online Counseling Service

Gay and bisexual men are being offered an innovative new online counseling service providing advice and support on sex, drugs and alcohol

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The Reason For China’s Crackdown on LGBT Media

Why is China targeting massively popular gay TV series like Heroin and Go Princess Go? The reason surprisingly may have little to do with gay people per se.

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WATCH: Why Is Actor Terry Crews Making Weird Anti-Masturbation Videos?

The Old Spice spokesman has teamed up with a Mormon anti-porn group and made videos discouraging porn and masturbation. But the group has an anti-gay founder…

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STUDY: UCLA Study Says Porn Addiction Isn’t An Actual Thing

Some people believe they are addicted to pornography, but recent research shows that’s just not the case. So is porn addiction real or what?

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Addicted To Your Phone? This 1-Minute Ad Will Change That

Be honest: how much time do you spend looking at your phone everyday instead of observing the people and things around you?

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Drug of the Week: Spice

“Over time it made me edgy, anxious, and paranoid with much stronger hallucinations — kinda like smoking meth.”

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