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Who Does Pride Sneakers Best — Adidas, Nike or Converse?

Every so often, shoe companies will release Pride sneakers and 2017 is no different; but between Nike, Adidas and Converse, which is the most stylish?

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INTERVIEW: Outsports’ Cyd Zeigler on the Future of Gay, Bi and Trans Sports

For over 15 years, Cyd Zeigler has been writing about LGBT issues in sports, so we asked him how to make athletics better for future queers.

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Nike And Adidas Say No To Queerphobia, But Pro-Sports Remains Very Anti-LGBT

Nike and Adidas just took major stands against athletic homophobia. But pro-sports still has less openly LGBT people than the Church or the military.

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Racist Team Mascots and Logos Could Soon Become A Thing of the Past

On Thursday, Outsports wrote a really glowing profile of Ryan Mizner, the recently out graduate assistant for the men’s basketball team at Central Michigan University. Home of the Chippewa. Knowing nothing about Central Michigan, the team name immediately triggers warning alarms for those who care about the rights of American[…]

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