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The Daily Sting, Tuesday: ‘HoMo Hotel’ Not a Go, India’s Trans Bill Sparks Backlash

Among today’s big headlines is news that an Aussie hotel won’t go with the name “HoMo Hotel,” and the India bill has been denounced by trans citizens

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The Supreme Court Says it Won’t Get Involved in a Case About a Foster-Care Agency Rejecting Gay Parents

Catholic Social Services in Philadelphia says it will have to shut down if forced to comply with local anti-discrimination laws.

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An Entire Restaurant Came to the Rescue of a Gay Couple Attacked For ‘Depriving’ Their Child of a Mother

“It’s still love for the child—and that’s all that f*cking matters.”

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Gay Couples Are Four Times More Likely to Adopt, So Of Course Congress Wants to Stop Them

A new bill before the House would protect adoption agencies that reject same-sex couples and fine states that enforce anti-discrimination laws.

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