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Ageism and Dating: You Are Not ‘Too Old’ for Anything or Anyone

Ageism runs rampant, culturally speaking, with products and campaigns that literally run on the idea that aging is bad or wrong

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Older Gay Men Are Sort of Having a Moment on TV Right Now

TV once focused on gay teens and young adults, but thanks to shows like ‘West 40s,’ ‘Will & Grace’ and ‘Silver Foxes,’ older gay men are getting screen time

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Week in Review, Aug. 3, 2018: Madonna’s Return Announced, Summer Reads, Bathhouse Culture

In the inaugural edition of our new Week in Review feature, we look at Madonna’s upcoming album and the latest embarrassment from the Trump administration

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The Gay ‘Golden Girls’ TV Show Looks Like It Might Actually Happen Thanks to a Big Name Producer

The gay ‘Golden Girls’ show, ‘Silver Foxes’ looks like it might actually happen even though major networks refused to even read its pilot script

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