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World AIDS Day: A Look at Its Origin and Its Future Under Trump

On Dec. 1, the entire world bows its head in remembrance of those we’ve lost while raising its voice in determination to beat the epidemic, but how did it start?

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Looks Like California Anti-Bareback Porn Law Might Win

California voters and donors seem to like Prop 60, which would basically ban bareback studios from the state. But the law has some problems…

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As Bareback Gay Porn Studios Dominate, A Battle Brews In California

Bareback gay porn studios are now the new normal, something that’s especially significant when you consider the laws trying to drive them out of business.

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Back To The Future: Today’s PrEP Images Aren’t As Sexy Or Powerful As Old-School AIDS/HIV Protest Art

Today’s PrEP ads are self-glamorizing or slut shaming, while old-school AIDS/HIV activist images advocated safe (but hot) sex. Here’s prevention done right…

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